Brazil Spending Report

In Brazil, we spent a total of R$2,741.84 Brazilian Reals (BRL),  which equates to roughly $831.41 US Dollars (USD).*

We spent 9 days in Brazil, which brought our Average Daily Spend (ADS) in the country to $92.38 per day. ADS is comprised of all of our expenses for both of us, including Accommodations, Food and Drink, Local Transportation, Activities and Entertainment, Alcohol, Living Expenses and Toiletries, Souvenirs, and Mishaps (unexpected expenses). ADS does not include transportation between cities or countries. Those expenses are tracked separately.

For examples of pricing of certain things in Brazil, how we classify items, or a further breakdown of a certain ADS category, see our full spending report below!

*When using the average conversion rate during our stay of R$3.30 BRL = $1 USD. If you are interested in seeing the daily conversion rates from our time in Brazil, please click here.

Brazil Spending Report



Brazil AccommodationsNOTE: 1 night in Brazil was spent on an overnight bus, therefore only 8 nights required accommodation.

Food & Drink

Brazil Food & Drink Spending


Local Transportation

Brazil Local Transportation Spending


Activities & Entertainment

Brazil Activities Spending



Brazil Alcohol Spending


Living Expenses & Toiletries

Brazil Living Expenses Spending



Brazil Souvenir Spending



Brazil Mishap Spending

Have any questions about any of our expenses or how we categorize our budget? Let us know in the comments!