360 LV StripNot gonna lie. We’re already getting stressed. Nothing could have ever prepared us for the amount of things we have to get done prior to quitting our jobs and traveling the world. It’s A LOT. The laundry list of things include: preparing a preliminary itinerary (for purposes of having proof of onward travel – I’ll talk about this more in the future), researching flights, hostels, buses, activities, getting vaccines and prescriptions, finding appropriate travel insurance, opening new bank accounts and debit cards, adding active driver’s to our car insurance, changing over bill pay, unlocking our phones, and paying off as many bills early as we can. It may not seem like a lot, but these things take time, and it is certainly not an exhaustive list. And what sucks the most, is that a lot of things have to go in sequential order. Can’t get travel insurance until we book the first flight. Can’t book the first flight until we open up the new bank account, etc. And on top of all this, we are trying to document this process by filming weekly YouTube videos and attempting to set up this blog and run three social media accounts. We are learning as we go and it’s tough. I have a whole new appreciation for people who run their own blogs and figured it out from the bottom up because the learning curve is STEEP. Or maybe I’m just not getting it yet or it hasn’t clicked. Either way, I plan on improving and continuing to learn more as I go, as I’ve already learned so much already! And we’ve started to get some traffic to the blog with one whole article posted, so I have some motivation to keep this up. I can’t wait until we have all these pre-trip plans figured out and we can actually get going on this life-changing adventure. That’s when the inspiration will get flowing and we will really have exciting content to share. Until then, I’ll keep sharing the minor annoyances that have overtaken my life with concerns to this trip.

And I’ll share the good things too. Like this awesome 360 photo! I bought a 360 degree camera last week from Amazon and at first Carlos was super skeptical. But once we got a chance to take it for a test drive on the Las Vegas Strip, he instantly fell in love. The camera is super tiny, has tons of memory, and can take video too. Maybe I’ll do a post soon covering my new little camera. Let me know what you guys think of that idea! Thanks so much for the read 🙂