Colombia was easily one of our favorite countries we visited in South America, and it was also the first stop of our Round the World Trip! It was a great starting point because Colombia is right at the tippy top of South America and lent us the convenience of a quick, easy flight from our home in Las Vegas.

We found the country to be incredibly diverse in culture, food, wildlife, people…literally everything. Which makes sense considering it is the second most biodiverse country in the world, second only to the enormous land mass that is Brazil. Not only does this country have lots to offer, but it has lots to offer at REALLY cheap prices too! Colombia was by far the cheapest country we visited on the continent, and one of the cheapest countries we have budgeted for the entire trip. Without skimping on anything we really wanted to do, we still managed to stay under $50/day on average for everything for the two of us. We stayed in private rooms in Airbnbs and in private room hostels which we found to be the cheaper options than opting for hotel rooms or two beds in shared hostel dorms. We ate a lot of ‘menús’ and frequently made our own breakfast at our accommodations. To find out what else we did to keep costs down, read our full Colombia Financial Review and take a glance at our Colombia Spending Report

We were able to visit 4 cities in our 18 days in Colombia as we worked our way from north to south. Read about our experiences at each place we visited:

Medellin  Cartagena  Guatape  Salento


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